Why choose Platinum Painting Services for your painting or deck staining project?

Tools of the trade

We use technical tools onsite to ensure there are no errors and everything is done the way it should be. From our experience, we have seen time and time again that many of our competitors do not use these necessary tools at every job.

Moisture Meter

Moisture meter

Will take moisture readings on suspect surfaces and cracks to diagnose problems with mold or other problems caused by moisture. We use a moisture meter for the following applications:

Deck staining

This tool is used to measure the moisture of the surface prior to a coating application. The meter measures moisture in percentages and provides an exact reading.  We use on every deck stain job both before and after we power wash it to ensure they’re 15 to 18% moist.

Interior painting

Used whenever we see moisture damage in ceilings, flooring, and walls. All readings have to be below 13% or we do not apply paint or primer. This provides the homeowner the assurance that the coatings will stick and not peel or bubble.

Exterior painting

A valuable tool for measuring paint while painting. If we can put it on thick enough and the weather conditions are right, we can put enough paint on and do the job in one coat.


Wet Mill Thickness Gauge

Wet mil thickness gauge

Used to measure the wet paint thickness while you are painting. All manufacturers want the paint coverage to meet their quality standards, too thin of an application it will require more coats to cover, too thick and the paint may drip or sag.  Evidence of the correct paint amount reinforces all warranties. We stamp the paint, transplant the image on paper, and read the number that last appears. It works like a comb – but missing a tooth.

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