Frequently asked questions about our professional painting services

We spoke with some people who have never hired a professional painting company before in order to find out what kinds of questions they had. Here you will find those questions and our answers.  If you do not see your question here, please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us through our contact form.

The choice of colors is up to the homeowner. If you need help with a color consultant or interior designer we can provide you a reference. On larger jobs, we offer this at no charge to the customer for the first hour but on smaller jobs – the rate is $45.00/hour.

In many instances, you only need to paint the walls. If the baseboards, door frames, or window frames have not been painted in 7-10 years, it would be a good idea to have them painted. Ceilings will be reviewed one room at a time. If you use a lot of scented candles, have smokers in the house, or have older water stain – painting the ceiling is a good idea.

Interior painting will usually look good for 7-10 years. Exterior paint lasts about 7 years. Sunlight, kids, and frequent wall touching will shorten the paint’s life.

Manufactures of paints usually require a primer coat to these textures, and all can be painted with either water-based (latex type) paint or an oil based paint.

You should plan on moving furniture to the center of the room. Put away any valuables that could be damaged. Vacuum all carpets and dust all hard flooring to remove pet hair and soil. Movement in the room can create lint in the finished paint. Be flexible with the AC or Heat Systems – humidity slows drying down. The painters will bring all of the ladders and/or any unique tools required for the job. Small repairs should be identified – we can complete most of them and will notify you if there is a need for a particular craftsman like a plasterer. Please don’t surprise us with repairs after the project has started, it interrupts the process.

Communicate with you painter prior to the start. He can fill in or leave open any of the fasteners you choose.  If you need help moving or re-hanging pictures or paintings, discuss this prior to the start. Our insurance carrier wants 2 persons available when possible.

The quote will detail the length of time for the project in hours. Let the painters know your preferred starting times and the length that they can work each day. Our policy is to finish one project before we take on another project. Sometimes we can put in an additional painter to speed things up. Typically we follow this order. Ceiling, trim, and then walls. Doors may be held to the end, depending on what the coatings may be. 

The main difference is the ingredients that work as fungicides. Fungicides formulated into paint will stop mold in these areas that can become moist often. Using more gloss in the finish also reduces the chances of mold or staining and makes it easier to clean.

Platinum Painting painters use wet mil thickness gauges at all times. These gauges are used to get the correct amount of paint on the wall. Depending on the manufacturer of each paint, there is a required wet mil thickness needed to get the full benefit of the paint. Most paints do require two coats. On exterior projects, when the weather is cooperating, we can put on the full amount of mil thickness in one coat. The roller gets a thicker nap or we spray a heavier coat with a bigger hole in the tip. We will always try that on exterior paint, but the weather and color and quality of paint really determines the total number of coats.

Please say something right away. With most paints we can always get re-tinted darker, and sometimes we can use them in other areas. Get the paint you want, the labor is where the expense is in painting. If the paint cannot be used, expect to pay something for the opened can if it cannot be returned. If you are taking a big leap, openly discuss it as we can do a test swatch, on a wall, as big as you want to let you see it at all times of the day.

 We welcome your feedback; we always have more tarps and poly sheeting to give you all the protection you desire.

Yes, we welcome your comments.  If we miss or you find something, let us know before we are finished with the job as it is easier to address these areas when we are with all of the tools and wet paint brushes. If the item is a lot of work, we can adjust the price in the end to get it included.

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