Three Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Commercial Painting Company in Kalamazoo

The licensed and insured specialists at Platinum Painting have years of experience with commercial painting in Kalamazoo and even within 100 miles of the city. Our crew will even do off-hour, night time work in order to complete your commercial painting project quickly while disturbing you as little as possible. Commercial painting referrals are available on request having worked with commercial clients, including DKI, Downtown Kalamazoo Inc., Cornerstone Construction, Zion Church Builders, Denver Mattress, The Buckle, and Ritsema Associates.

Reputation, testimonials, and reviews

The most important thing you can do before hiring a commercial painting company in Kalamazoo, is to not just take their word for how good of work they do. You should always ask for referrals and spend time looking online to see what people have to say. The company you choose should be willing to talk with you about their successes and even their failures and have the evidence to back up their claims.

Emphasis on safety

There are risks associated with painting commercial spaces, especially considering a lot of the time is spent on a ladder. Always make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured and believes in safety being a priority. If someone hurts themselves in you space, there could be litigation and paperwork in your future, so choose a company with an emphasis on safety.

Available resources and experience

When you’re working with a commercial painting company, there should be open lines of communication. They should be willing to speak with you at any time and let you know what they’re doing and why. They should have the expertise to be able to mitigate problems as they inevitably arise. Choosing a commercial with resources and experience will help to ensure the job is getting done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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