Choosing a Paint Color for Your Interior Trim

Generally, most people default to using white for the trim throughout their home’s interior. There is a reason for that! White trim works in just about every room with any color, leaving a crisp clean look. There is no worry about white clashing with any of your paint colors, furniture, or rugs. With that being said, white is not the only acceptable color for trim – choosing something different can give your room a unique and exciting look.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is black – a somewhat common trim color. In a white or light colored room, black can provide a clear outline and provide attractive contrast. In most cases, for black trim to work, you should have more trim in the room that just a baseboard in order to create some balance. Using black on baseboards, window trim, and crown molding against white walls can look absolutely incredible. If black is too jarring for your tastes, a shade of grey or cream / off white can provide a great balance between white and black.

If you’re looking for something outside the box, you don’t have to stick with neutral colors. You just have to make sure the color will go with wall and ceiling colors as well as your home’s décor. If your walls are white, you can get away with just about anything and there are plenty of colors that you can use to compliment yellow or tan walls.

If you’re looking for professional advice about your interior painting in Kalamazoo, contact Platinum Painting Services where we will actually pay for you to work with an interior designer in order to make sure you’re satisfied with your end result.

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