Platinum Painting in Kalamazoo has the Right Tools of the Trade for Your Painting or Staining Project

We believe in using proven technical tools of the trade onsite to ensure we’re painting or staining in a way that not only looks great but will also hold up to time and weather. From our experience, we have seen problems arise time and time again when painters, yes even professional painters, do not use the necessary tools at every job.

Moisture meter

The moisture meter is used to take moisture readings on surfaces that are cracked or seem suspect in order to determine if there are problems with mold or other issues that come from moisture. This tool is used to measure the moisture of the surface prior to a coating application. The meter measures moisture in percentages and provides an exact reading. At Platinum Painting in Kalamazoo, we use the moisture meter for the following services:

Wet mil thickness gauge

This gauge is used to measure the thickness of wet paint as you are painting. If the paints too thin, you’ll waste time with multiple coats and if it’s too thick there could be dripping or sagging. It’s important to note that all paint manufacturers want paint coverage to meet their quality standards  and evidence of proper paint application will reinforce all warranties.

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